November is a beautiful month to be in Adelaide. Not only is it the month with the best weather for ourdoor activities, it also is the prime season for Jacarandas.

These beautiful purple flowers are strategically planted by quite a number of city councils on certain suburban streets to create for a pleasant drive-through. It is one of the few instances I actually appreciate the blend of nature and civilisation.

A lot of guys in Adelaide are also quite passionate to join in with the annual Movember, so it's fun to see colleagues and friends progressively fashion a new look over the month. I did it last year, but this time around I think I'll pass, as my genetics precluded me from growing a proper beard. This particular month also sees the opening of Costco, something that has been in the talks for a couple of years.

On a more personal note, November is generally when I begin planning my annual leave from work, which means more time to spend with friends and family, more time for gaming, opportunity to travel around a bit, and time for my projects. I am often sad that Australia is so unwelcoming to Internet startups and IT innovation in general, but Adelaide is even further behind than the national benchmark. You can tell by looking for job vacancies across Australia; there were usually less than a dozen vacancies for web-related IT jobs for Adelaide metro, while hundreds to thousands would be filling up my search results if it were Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane (Adelaide's population by comparison is about one-quarter that of Sydney).

However, thanks to this magical thing called the Internet, I can enjoy the serenity of a slow-paced lifestyle while pushing forward with the extra-curricular learning and development of my web concepts. But concepts with no capital can only go as far as being a discussion-generating demonstrator that gets a few upvotes on Reddit, and not see larger uptake as a productivity/experience enhancer for people, businesses and government.

I occasionally have the thought of taking a gap year and move to the states to actually be part of the startup world, but perhaps I've grown too spoilt to the safety of Adelaide and the security of my current job, I am very risk adverse in these sorts of decision making. But who knows, maybe things might change in the new year, maybe instead of having to go to the states to join their hubs, I could be part of growing Adelaide's!