Today I was eating Hungry Jacks with my sister, and after our meal I took the tray myself to empty it at the bin. then to my surprise one of the young teenage workers who was cleaning nearby said thank you to me for doing that.

Being someone who prefers doing the background and subtle deeds rather than always upfront, I was moved by this display of gratitude, especially because I didn't know him and he didn't really need to thank me.

Often we don't care enough about our surroundings. We don't give a pat on the back for the man who gives up his seat to the old widow. We don't enquire why that lady is holding the bucket to collect money from people. We don't even know the names of our immediate neighbors.

How much more can we call ourselves a society, a community or a country if all we care about is ourselves? Is life only about earning enough money to buy a house, a car and a holiday? There are a handful of people trying to make the difference, but it's the bulk of us who are indifferent and passive that discourages these individuals for their tireless efforts.

Today I watched a movie called Idiocracy. It describes a dysgenic and dystopic society where people throw food and try to kill the only people who could see a problem and was trying to help. We don't take the moment to listen, to think, or to understand. We just make swift judgements and act or refrain from action accordingly. And that's not good enough!

A simple act of gratitude can go a long way. It's free, and freeing to its receiver, to know that their efforts aren't for naught, that they are not alone in their mission to make the world a better place one gesture at a time.