Today I witnessed racism on tv!

While visiting grandparents their TV was on and after a period of casual chatter we started watching. Bondi Rescue was on and we saw that there was this indian guy who was being interviewed. He spoke english but they put on subtitles! And when the rescue lifeguards were talking they didn't have subtitles.

"Sorry mate we don't understand your indian accent" when in fact his pronounciations were more audible compared to the mumbling of some of the crew.

Apart from this, there was also a funny scene where a korean kid got separated from his parents in the beach. He didn't speak english so they were dumbfounded on how to help. Then when at last the parents came to the lifeguards quarters, they reunited. The lifeguard asked her how long she's been in Australia and she said '20 minutes'. That's a fast trip from airport to beach!

Just lol