Now that I've lived/been away from home for a year and are back in Darwin for the uni break, I ask myself: when I 'return' to Adelaide, am I coming or going?

Darwin, though it is the place I dwelled in for most of my life, never struck me as a place I'd call home. Neither did HK where I was born and spent the first half my childhood. Now comes the third city - Adelaide. Sure I'm studying here and have to spend at least 2 more years suffering through the dry and very hot summers and caving in for the winters, but it has thus far been the best year of my life, and if I had to make a choice now I'd choose Adelaide any day over Darwin.

So will I start my career in Adelaide? Google is located in Sydney, Japan provides a wide range of tempting job opportunities, and the only thing that I could have going for me in the long run is at the Uni itself (the IT industry in Adelaide is as bad as Darwin).

Family is hoping to make Adelaide my permanent home base, but will I really use up my first home buyer's grant on a house in Adelaide, where I may or may never return to live? I mean most of the people I know in Adelaide are through Uni, OCF, church and College, but most of them will eventually leave and strike a career someplace else. So does that mean there's nothing in Adelaide for me in a few years' time? And if I do leave? Where then will my home be?

"Home is where the heart is"; but no place holds my heart? Well I guess I've got a few more years to figure out that...