I always wondered about dreams. Why do we have them? Why are they so random at times? Why can't we remember some of them?

Sometimes I wish that I could keep dreaming a dream and so I push myself to go back to sleep and succeed at times, but only for another 2 or 3 minutes. Sometimes I fill my head with a certain idea before bed in hopes of dreaming about it, but that seldom works out.

Dreaming is supposedly a subconscious process, where our deepest and most genuine feelings or thoughts manifests itself into a movie with often incoherent scenes that may or may not connect.

Dreams of flying, dreams of drowning, dreams of seeing someone you know, and dreams reenacting a movie from a first person perspective.

Sometimes when I power nap I have the longest and most amazing dreams of them all. Sometimes I have nightmares, where I wake up sweating fear and just relieved that it was just a dream.

I wonder what would life be like without dreams. If every night we sleep and we have no brain activity at all. So just blank out and open our eyes the next day. What that makes us who we are would we lose? Creativity? Vision? Motivation? Love?

To me, dreams are like random cars that drive along the street I live on. Sometimes there's a lot, sometimes there isn't any. Sometimes they're racing and sometimes they're just noisy. Although it doesn't seem significant, that background noise is what keeps most of us sane.

Humans cannot live in absolute silence, that's why we have music, language, that's why we have ears and earphones. And if we cannot live in silence how can we sleep in silence. Lullabies help babies sleep, then once they grow older they don't have parents to lullaby them to sleep any more, and so their brain fulfills this task.

If music is the color of sound, then dreams are the melodies of the mind.

I want to dream a dream that lasts for eternity, not having to wake up to a world where cruel reality often destroys dreams. I want to dream a dream that has no pain, no shame, no worry and no regret, a dream that spans the universe in the space of two neurons.

I want some of my dreams to become reality. Do you?