Hehe I actually cheated because this was the "YES man" post, but since I published this the first this year I changed it into my "First post of this year".

Quite simple. I will state my goal of the year and explain it a bit:

2009 Goal: Live for others, master love.

Some have told me that living for others is meaningless because they will always disappoint and as christians we are supposed to live for Christ and not people. This depends on how you interpret the statement. What I meant is that I wish to lead a life where I put others of greater importance than myself, and mastering love is to learn how to differentiate the forms of love I water on people.

Love has many types, and this year I want to be able to separate the types of love and make sure that people don't get the wrong message! As I am a firm beliver in love as action more than feeling, which is why I also stated that I will live for others

Jesus lived and died for the sake of mankind, and as a follower I must do likewise, even if imperfectly and with almost guaranteed times of sin and failure.