Today I went to Ikea to buy a drawer that matches my computer desk. It was about $100 which was within my budget.

Then this evening I spared a couple of hours to assemble it and realised halfway that I hammered in one of the smaller parts into the wrong. I tried to pull the plastic nail out with the other side of the hammer, but the nail must�ve had lots of mini-hooks to which locked it in real tight; it was impossible to pull it out even with my best efforts. So I tried the alternative by using a pair of scissors to cut the ear of the nail off

To my biggest surprise, as I tried to cut it, my scissors broke in the process, and the sharp edge of the scissor blade dented. Progress through the ear of the nail made was about 0.5 out of 5mm! Then I proceeded to trying to use a kitchen knife to cut it off, and that also proved useless until I got the largest meat knife I had and did one dangerous but powerful swing at it, and finally the plastic ear came off.

I think if my hand was in the path of the knife I would've cut through my hand, as I applied the strength equivalent to a butcher slashing chicken bones, and yet it only just managed to wedge the blade into the plastic about 80%, from where I slowly could peel the rest off.

Even now I'm still wondering what type of plastic, if it is at all plastic, the nail was made of. I'm sure if they used that material to make protection vests it could defend against bullets very well.