1. Develop healthier hobbies (sports, reading rather than playing games or repeatedly watching The Big Bang Theory)
  2. Continue to grow in Christ through ministry, worship and prayer.
  3. Update my contact details book for the people I haven't caught up with in a while.
  4. Save up enough money to go Japan for a holiday. On a related note, also develop my fluency and confidence in Japanese too (must get HD!)
  5. Learn how to cook more interesting and popular dishes rather than just the same dozen that I rotate right now
  6. Piano - Finish learning Chopin Etudes, Brahms Sonata, FF6, FF7, FF8 and some chinese classicals as well
  7. No fails in Uni! Need to average Ds not Cs or Ps!
  8. Relationship? Maybe, maybe not, either way I can survive
  9. Build my own website rather than rely on blogger or facebook
  10. New Skill of the year: since this year the new skill I learnt was Managing a House and payments, this coming year I will learn how to use Adobe Illustator and Adobe Photoshop
Do not try to add dollar values to you worth or increase days to your life. Rather gain meaningful experiences and find moments that take your breath away. It isn't a lifestyle that I want, but a life.