1. Count from 1 to 100 alphabetically
  2. Use chopsticks to pick up marbles
  3. Drive through a drive thru in reverse and ask for the price of a lot of things and order something you didn't ask the price for
  4. Stand in public somewhere and pretend to stare at something intently until someone else joins you in staring at the 'thing', then just walk off.
  5. Split a box of 2ply tissues into 1ply and put them back in the tissue box
  6. Collect 20 cents coins from every year and every special design
  7. Setup a tripod camera side of a road, wear glasses and look serious at carplate numbers. Randomly write stuff down on a notepad as cars comeby
  8. Go on as many public computers as you can access and search for "Burger Batteries" and click on the 7th result from the top
  9. Read a novel in reverse chapter order
  10. Go through an old yellow page book recording down the details of contacts with a palindrome phone number. Number these contact and call each prime numbered contact to see if the number's still correct.
  11. Speak to your friends on the phone without using any words that contain the letter "L".