Me and some friends watched Jim Carrey's "Yes Man" at the cinema the other day. Although I went with low expectations since I've seen a similar strategy for a storyline, namely "Liar Liar", but I gave it a chance anyways, and to my surprise it was quite good. Whilst entertaining, it gave me something to ponder about for a few days.

The movie centred around a guy who always says no because he doesn't want to venture outside of his turtle shell or safety net due to drama in the past. Then after attending a seminar on learning to say "Yes" he begins an adventure of saying yes to everything, which has the other extreme effect of giving him everything he wants and doesn't want.

I think I'm more of a Yes than No person. But it's different to how the movie portrayed the YES man. I am a people-pleaser in general. So I find it hard to say no to requests. This is actually a character flaw and so I should learn to have boundaries of accepting requests (a.k.a saying No).

It seems counter-effective when I'm trying to live for others but at the same time trying to learn to say No. I guess this is where the mastering love comes in.

Loving someone doesn't mean you have to please them. It just means you have to give precedence to their welfare, and action what you think you can do for them.

"As faith without deeds is dead, so love without action is also meaningless."