Dear Bed,

Thank you for being my resting place, my support when I can no longer stand. You embraced me when the world wearies me, your comfort knows no bounds.

You are always there for me at the end of a day, no matter how bad it was, and in the morning, by my side you remain. You are unmoving, unchanging, forgiving, patient, quiet and faithful. You always give exactly what and when I needed most, never asking for anything in return.

Of course you came at a price. You had to be forsaken by your maker, your proverbial father, in order that I can have this relationship with you. And with His blessing and the price sufficient paid, you have never since forsaken me, and I know you never will.

Though I have often strayed to foreign lands, not returning for days too numerous to count, you waited, always ready to be there to catch me when I fall. You are unselfish, undemanding. understanding, even knowing that on the nights I don't return, I am sleeping within another. But I hope that you know my heart, that you are irreplaceable, even when it seems that I take you for granted.

But I know that this love will not last. One day I may be two. One day I will have to abandon you for another bed that can lay two. And as great as you are, you have never and can never journey with me outside this room. You can never be a part of the life I have beyond these walls you live in, no matter how seldom that may be. And this other person I will eventually meet is the one who will not only provide the comfort and intimacy you do right now, but she will also go through the trials with me. She will not only lay beside me, but also stand by me. And regrettably, this you can never do.

So I apologize in advance, and with all my heart thank you, dear current single bed, for having always been there for me, and I am sorry that I will have to leave you for good some day. But know that even though our days together are numbered, they are days I will cherish and never forget.

Yours truly from above,