I was never very convinced the Spider-man trilogy needed a reboot, especially when the previous franchise came out less than a decade ago. The trailer was also unconvincing. In fact the CGI work was so laughably fake it looked more like a early 2000s video game cut scene than it did a feature film..

The Amazing Spider-Man 2, while not a film without charm, it suffers from the Marvel effect of wanting to keep their sequel options open. And because of this the film feels unfocused. The villains are one-dimensional and very unrealistic, the love story between Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield) with Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) is fragmented, and film ends in an unsatisfactory way despite some strong plot developments. Like the previous film, this film tries to create realistic teenager/young adult reactions and behaviour in situations set up in the film. Unfortunately, where the last film handled the balance between comic and realism well, this one skewed too far into the comic aspect.

However, I did find individual performances enjoyable, and the dialogue at times can be both funny, witty and dramatic. There was over reliance on the bullet time scene panning, but they are still cool to watch. The other special effects were not as good, but I guess with an electrical adversary like Electro (Jamie Foxx), computer effects were a necessary evil. But the special effects team really should have sought advice on how to do it better.

On its own, the film was a mixed success at best, fun script, cliche character origin stories, too much CGI, and an even weaker plot. As a superhero comic book movie, it is far below average from its peers in being relatable to a modern audience. As a remake, I think it original Spiderman 2 was far superior. But I guess the studio is happy because they've earned their enough to milk the audiences' patience with at least 2 more sequels. But please don't. Please don't.