Jurassic World is the long awaited sequel to Jurassic Park, and pretty much ignores the existence of and story related to the other sequels which were critical and box office disappointments. While I was stunned by how quickly the film bolted to the top of the box office, the film itself was only passable for me.

This film has all the thrills of the original, but only half the story. It lightly touches on the ethics of genetic engineering, but focuses more on taking sides rather than having a discussion. The special effects and visual spectacle is barely on par with the original, and the characters are funny more than they are memorable. I left the film and immediately forgot every character's name except two, which is rarely a good sign.

The film isn't half bad, definitely better than the other sequels, but still off the mark when compared to the 1993 ground-breaker. The concepts and mechanics of how the park and attractions operate are clever, even if they aren't well thought out, and it is a fun ride of a movie if you're into suspense and bad guys getting gobbled up. But like Avengers 2, they take little risk in the story, and most of the characters don't act like real human beings. It is clear the producers/studio hopes to reboot a profitable franchise more than they are trying to be taken seriously.

I was warned that this film would be too scary for kids, but frankly, the original was scarier, and given the roster of other (probably) great movies coming out this month and next, Jurassic World is an attraction you can skip if your budget is slim.


The Nitpicks (contains spoilers)

I haven't nitpicked a film for a while, so let's do it for this one! Here's some general issues I had with the story and overall execution:

Secondly, given this film's attempt at 'updating' the story to a modern setting, here are a few things that would probably not work in a real theme park that appears concerned for the safety of its visitors:

Finally, one of the ethical issues this movie 'addresses' is using dinosaurs as weapons in warfare. While the idea is cool, the issue I have is that dinosaurs are the LEAST EFFECTIVE CHOICE you can have in a modern warfare, and no sensible military strategist or general would consider dinosaurs better than drones, missiles, or even old school humans. Here are just a small set of problems I can think of on the spot with using weaponised dinos: