As someone who hasn't seen the prior instalments to the Mad Max saga, I may lack the context which has made this film one of the most critically praised action films in the past 3 years. I personally didn't think it added anything to the "dystopian future sci-fi action" genre; even The Hunger Games was more ground-breaking since it updates on how society has evolved. There were actually quite a number of people who walked out of the screening I went to, less than 20 minutes into the film; that I think is a stronger testimony of its failure than if I gave an extended rant (which I can't be bothered this time).

In a nutshell, Mad Max: Fury Road has very little in character and story, the dialogue was often incomprehensible, the world is beyond illogical, and the shots designed for 3D is definitely too gimmicky to be taken seriously in 2D. It is a self-indulgent, an overdose of visual adrenalin with a bitter aftertaste. No matter how hard I wanted to like this film for its insanity and well executed action sequences; enjoyment within the two hours was sparse. This film made me want to check out its predecessors even less, and I don't recommend it as a must-see film.