Dreamworks Animation has been competing well against Pixar in recent years, especially since their departure from producing films that look eerily similar to Pixar's. Nonetheless, with the exception of Turbo, I have enjoyed every Dreamworks animated feature since 2008, especially those that pay homage to nerdy genres like Megamind and Kung Fu Panda.

While Mr Peabody and Sherman doesn't fall in a nerdy genre, it is definitely nerdy. It reminds me of Disney's Meet The Robinsons and Nickelodeon's Jimmy Neutron in many ways, except it has a dog as the genius, and a boy as his adopted son, and their father-son activity is time travelling to historically significant events??? Apparently this is based on a really old cartoon that I haven't seen before, so I don't have the background to appreciate or hate this movie for how well they adapted the source material. But I do find that of all the films I've seen this decade, this is the strangest premise I've come across. Certainly stranger than the Australian mockumentary Babakiueria.

The film tries to touch on the difficulties of being a single parent, while trampling over historical figures to evoke a few genuine laughs and develop the main characters. I commend them for trying to squeeze in education, but it does fall into awkward territory in some cases. It tries to be this year's Night at the Museum, but far more convoluted because of the time travel aspect. And the genius parent dog bit...just doesn't sit well with me for some reason.

But if you can digest this weird premise and bear with nigahiga style puns, it's worth a peek.

6.0 / 10.0