For the first movie after a long hiatus I decided to go with a fun, brainless film. The trailer for this film looked like a big Lego ad. The premise sounds like a big Lego ad. And after watching the full 100 runtime I felt like I've just paid to see a massive Lego ad.

Having said that, the film was very entertaining. It was full of nerd references. The story, while formulaic, was filled with twists, and the humour has heart. Every character, even the side characters, was unique, recognisable and excellently casted.

Of course, the best bit is the tsunami of Lego creations that kept blasting onto the screen with colour and innovation. I don't care whether they really built those structures or used CGI for the big scenes. It looks great.

Seeing how the kids behind me laughed incessantly, I'm guessing they hit their target demographic on the bullseye. I cannot say it was a landmark film like Toy Story or reached the emotional depths in Wreck It Ralph, but it was a really fun one and definitely a great film to kickstart my 2014 film season. And buy Lego.

7.5 / 10.0