In this latest reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, director Michael Bay continues to solidify his position in Hollywood as the maker of big budget junk food with this bastardisation of another childhood icon.

While I cannot say this film is unenjoyable, the writing is really weak, and the plot is filled with more holes than Tiger Woods has golfed in his life. While the original cartoon characters were portrayed to be wannabe hip teenagers, Bay 'modernises' them by adding a racist/technology slant that I am surprised isn't taking as much heat from the public as it should. Then again perhaps most people have learned to stay away from his films now.

During viewing, I found the film to be excruciating to sit through, but in retrospect, there were actually some bits that were well done. Firstly I think the 'mutant' aspect of the turtles is a lot more well done than in previous movies, both animation, live action and CGI, which all tended to simply look like anthrophomorphised turtles too adorable to really find mutant-like. Secondly, Megan Fox was a good casting choice. I have to admit that when it was first announced she would play April O'Neill, I thought it was a joke, but when it came down to it, I honestly think she didn't do too badly given the material. At least she wore the yellow jumpsuit and got the over-ambitious reporter angle of the character correct.

So maybe it's not as bad as Transformers 4, but it's certainly not a film I would recommend as a must-see. It shows no sign that Director Bay will stop his mistreatment of and spite for the cinema-going public, and continue to attack our childhood memories with explosions and racism.


Some nitpicks (Spoilers!)