After watching Dragon 2, I decided to give this film a go, mostly since it re-ignited my hopes that a franchise can pull off a few surprises, with concerted effort of course. People say you can't judge a book by its cover, except when it comes to Michael Bay (also these are movies, not books). But out of respect for what Dreamworks did for franchises, I decided not to shy away this one time.

Even if you don't know who Bay is, you may notice that he appended "age of extinction" to his film's name, but at the same time has already announced plans to make another sequel. Based on that information, you know there isn't going to be much 'extinction' going on. I knew no joy would derive from watching it, but watching it I did, and by 30 minutes I was ready to leave the theaters. And this film was an almost spirit-crushing 3 hours long, the longest of its franchise.

Transformers 4 is a stupid film. It has a stupid story, really stupid characters, racist stereotypes, unbelievable dialogue, lazy writing, frustrating editing and choreography, it's just stupid stupid stupid stupid and boring. Even the kids in the theater was getting restless by the 90 minute mark, and no one can blame them. The story is hard to follow because of the terrible voice work by both the human and transformer characters, and when you do manage to keep track of what is going on it makes no sense, or is at least creating massive plot holes along the way.

I have also never seen so much blatant product placement in one film. They don't even try to keep them subtle either, and flat out makes the actors do marketing poses, and it would appear that how much money each of these companies threw at Michael Bay reflected on how their product was treated in the film.

This film is pretty much the final nail in the coffin for this franchise. It is so bad and so stupid that I can't even summon the enthusiasm to try and nitpick it. The amount of wrongness in this film could be a list that takes longer than the movie to get through. I will however give two points to this film though. As bad as the overall script and characters are, they did have a couple of random funny moments, though some may had been unintentional. That's one point. The other is because they did some on location filming in Hong Kong, my home town. With that, I give this film a grand total of

2.0 / 10.0

i.e. don't bother