For a franchise with no shortages of crossovers and references to other parts of its own universe, I was curious if Marvel sneaked in their own company name into the script somewhere for each film, kind of like Stan Lee's cameo. I don't know what prompted me to investigate this, but it was done and so here are the results.

The word 'marvel' only appears exactly once in ALL the Marvel films released so far, and this occurance was in Captain America: The First Avengers. Loki also uttered the word "marvelous" in The Avengers, which if you want to include it, means that Marvel only included its own name in films that has the word "avenger" in its title.

You can verify this by doing a text search on each of the films' scripts:

I don't know whether this was intentional or just a trivial coincidence that elicits a half-hearted 'meh' for most people, but since I have collected the info, I just decided to put it out there; make of it what you will.