Several things happened in real life that has forced me to revisit my ability to commit to the tech blog I wanted to start writing this year. Basically my health hasn't been great most of last year, and my doctors have strongly recommended me to resist programming day and night. Another factor is that my work has become a lot more interesting but also demanding in terms of squeezing my brain juice during the day, leaving me emptied of enthusiasm to do further coding on weeknights. Given the amount of effort I had to put in before I could write up the very first blog entry, I figured it was unsustainable to publish on any schedule while I am employed full-time and wanting to improve my health and social life So I've decided to not continue with it.

This isn't to say this website has come to an end. No. I will still be writing to the other blogs whenever I have something to write. And after all, I did spent a whole $5 on a Fiverr gig to make that spiffy logo, I ain't gonna just throw it away. So I have decided to rename my "Visual Playground" space as "Data Vizardry", and make those experiments a bit more powerful. Instead of just being concept demonstrators, I will be spending some weekends transforming Gasketch, Clockplot and Hexygen into something people can more easily enjoy with their own uploaded datasets. Pianogram is probably the exemplar in that respect. I've got a few more apps in the pipeline to varying degrees of completion too, but I won't promise when they will come online (if ever).

There will be a few more adjustments to the site that few will notice, but if you do find anything strange or hit an unexpected 404 pages through links I've put on the site, please let me know on facebook or email.

The Internet is huge so I'm sure people will find other things to play and look at with while I'm more slowly and quietly chip away at the next project. And as always, I'll let you guys know through Facebook when new content is published. :)