About two months ago, while I was working on Gasketch, I discovered this website called NoteFlight. It allows you to compose sheet music in the Cloud, which isn't exactly a new thing, but it also has a social network component, allowing people to share and collaborate on their composition efforts! That became really attractive because it means I can more easily connect with other musicians around the world!

NoteFlight currently houses over a million composers, and being someone who is always yearning for quality sheet music of songs I want to play on the piano, I decided to join this composers' network and contribute a bit!

Click here to see my public profile where all my 'finished' works will be available for viewing/download/printing out. Over the past month I've mostly been getting comfortable with their interface and working out the short-keys, but in between all the experiments I've churned out two piano covers of Anime themes from yesteryear.

I won't have a schedule of when I'll release another sheet music, but maybe one evening I will feel inspired and quickly draft out another one. I can't believe I only discovered this website so recently!

Enjoy, and if you do decide to record/upload your playing of it, do send me a link!