For those who've been wondering why I'm quiet on the project front, I've been using the last month and a half to give the site a complete refresh (again). Both Drupal and WordPress and my current web host have failed to provide me the flexibility and peace of mind I needed so I can blog and work on projects comfortably.

So I've spent a few weeknights and weekends to build my own blog engine and use a much more lightweight web framework (flask). The increase flexibility and control will allow me to do a lot more cool stuff and deploy them relatively quickly. Whether it will scale will be something I have to revisit in the near future.

But in the mean time, I have also dug up some of my blog posts from my original "midnight ponders" back in 2007, so I will be spending the rest of this month adding it to the site. The site is what it is. Enjoy! ^_^